Download HyperPlay

HyperPlay supports all major operating systems & architectures. Download here and join the Gaming Revolution!
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Download HyperPlay for Windows

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Download Hyperplay for macOS

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Download HyperPlay for SteamDeck

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Download HyperPlay for Linux distros

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Supported macOS versions

HyperPlay supports macOS 12 Monterrey and above for both Intel and Apple Silicon (M1 and higher) chips, choose the version you want to install below:

MacOS Intel

Download Hyperplay for Intel based Macs

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MacOS Apple Silicon (M1 and higher)

Download HyperPlay for Apple Silicon (M1 and higher) based Macs

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How to install HyperPlay in your SteamDeck

HyperPlay is available in the official app store (Discover) on the SteamDeck. To install it, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the SteamDeck's Desktop Mode by pressing the power button for approximately 2 seconds to open the context menu. Then, select "Switch to Desktop"
  2. Search and open the Discover App Store
  3. On Discover, search for HyperPlay and click Install

Once you have installed HyperPlay, you may want to make it appear on the list of apps and games on Gaming Mode. To do this, click on the Start Menu on Desktop Mode, search for HyperPlay and then Right-click on it and select: Add to Steam..

Now you can enjoy HyperPlay on your SteamDeck!

Supported Linux versions

HyperPlay supports all major Linux distributions, choose below the best package for your distro:

Flatpak (recommended)

Works on all distros with Flatpak support

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For Ubuntu and others with Snap support

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Debian Package

For Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives

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RPM Package

For Fedora, CentOS and derivatives

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For Arch-based like Manjaro, Garuda, etc.

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All packages

View all available packages

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