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Web3 game launcher from the future. Carry your wallet, NFTs, tokens, and achievements into every game.


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Bring your Web3 identity into all of your favorite games.

All your games from every store in one app.

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Introducing the HyperPlay overlay

HyperPlay allows players to carry their MetaMask or WalletConnect wallet overlaid on top of every desktop game. Game developers can request transactions or signatures with a simple REST API call that supports every wallet to manage wallet interactions seamlessly.
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Cross Platform Compatibility

HyperPlay supports Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It uses Crossover and a built-in Proton compatibility layer to support running Windows games natively on Mac and Linux, respectively.

HyperPlay Roadmap

We are constantly working on improving our product.
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🤯 Something mind blowing
Summer 2023
Progressive onboarding
Summer 2023
Public early access
Mar 2023
HyperPlay Developer Alpha
Nov 2022
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